Recreation Therapy:  Outcomes for Life

There's nothing a case manager wants more than a happy and healthy client.  

Once clients are discharged from the hospital, their real challenges begin.  How will they access the community?  What are they going to do to stay and feel productive?  How can they continue to improve their physical functioning and maintain their health without losing the physical skills they've worked so hard to gain?  How can we stop them from becoming sedentary, unhealthy and depressed?

Recreation therapy is a profession that offers a real, practical approach to improving overall functioning and provides clients with durable, long term outcomes.  At HCRT we practice this approach in a client's own home and community.  We are able to get into the "nitty gritty" of what's going on with clients and then set realistic, meaningful goals.  We are knowledgeable and diligent with having access to a variety of resources in the community and we have the education and training to successfully integrate clients into the community.  We are able to transport clients, use our corporate YMCA membership to access any YMCA or local fitness facility.  We are skilled with technology and have worked with over 20 agencies to setup volunteer placements.  We have experience with an array of adaptive equipment which allows clients to participate in recreational pursuits that they never dreamed they could try again.

Part of our role is to make your life as a case manager easier!  We work with short term clients to assure that the skills they learned in inpatient and outpatient care can transfer to the home and community and are practiced and implemented just as the team planned.  We also work with clients who were successful immediately following a comprehensive rehabilitation plan but have not had services for awhile and have slowly stopped the recommendations made in rehabilitation and have become inactive and depressed.  We give them new options that are practical, fun, cognitively engaging and fit into their current life.  Many of our clients are unable to work or only work part-time so need to have other productive options.  Many of our clients also work with other providers and we're more than open to coordinating services with other rehabilitation professionals.

Our plan of treatment starts with a referral and then is followed by a formal Recreation Therapy evaluation which is faxed to the case manager and/or physician with recommendations.  We have worked with many case managers and physicians and we are very flexible with meeting the needs of these professionals.  We complete clinical notes for each visit and write comprehensive quarterly reports for each client.  

HCRT's referral form is available at hcrt.net or please call 734-355-3899 with questions.