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Home and Community Recreation Therapy (HCRT)

HCRT embodies 3 key philosophies as the core principles of how we provide care

  • We recognize the significance that recreation and leisure play in life.  Recreation is part of what defines a person, with or without a disability.  Healthy recreation helps us all become physically fit, well adjusted, happy, cognitively stimulated and an active part of the community.
  • We believe that providing therapy in a clients real environment enables greater healing, and improved carryover and outcomes.  The ultimate goal is for our clients to become active and productive in their own home and community so that's where we treat them.  This approach will allow them to continue their skills and activities long after we leave.  We serve most geographic regions in Michigan and will travel directly to the client's home.
  • We believe in providing customized, one to one care.  Each client has a different injury and has different interests, deficits and needs.  We work with each client individually and design the treatment plan around them, their environment, their interests and their own personal goals.

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art, unique, client focused care.  We are flexible and creative in providing care which allows our client's to find their way back to a healthy and productive life