Men’s Group

Focuses on activities that are engaging and stimulating and often dynamic in nature
Allows participants to build new skills through kinesthetic learning promotes a sense of team and community and opportunity to improve social pragmatics

Women’s Group

Focuses on activities that promote creativity and self-expression in client’s leisure interest area
Explores new interest areas so clients can see the value of a variety of experiences
Benefits from group leader encouraging discussions and sharing regarding adjustment and coping

Young Adult Group

Activities aimed at developing relationships with peers with similar life experiences
Specific focus on promoting team-building and decreasing isolation
Group dynamics encourage sharing, focus on social pragmatics and development of effective coping strategies

Bowling Skills Group

Accommodates all disability and skill levels through activity modifications and adaptations
Focuses on skill building and being part of a team approach
iItegrates many clients into a premorbid, healthy activity while focusing on functional skills

Book Club

Books will range a variety of topics, interests and genres based on group members’ needs and interests 
Focuses on improving cognitive and communication skills in a fun, supportive environment
Designed for clients with more advanced executive skills
Therapist will utilize strategies and recommendations that carryover from other environments and therapies


“Outcome focused therapy that gets people off the sidelines and back into life!”


HCRT TBI Community Re-entry Support Groups


HCRT is offering 5 client focused groups that are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with TBI who are unable to access the community and do the activities they enjoy without support.  Clients are in charge of working together to plan the activities they can participate in as a group with persons with similar life circumstances.  They benefit cognitively and socially from completing the planning process together while learning about the many community resources available to them.  All groups are led by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) and the vast majority of participants receive 1:1 assist from a CTRS.


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