Home and Community Recreation Therapy (HCRT)

Our success stories include a young man with a brain-injury who uses technology for organization and has left his wheelchair behind to volunteer and participate in a fitness program at the YMCA; a former active swimmer who, post-brain injury, has improved beyond all expectations through aquatic therapy, a gentleman with quadriplegia who's using adaptive equipment to fish again and many more.

"I love getting to exercise with my therapist. I like RT because I feel more independent; like I can choose and do things for myself. I also like interacting with people in the community that are doing the same things. I don't feel so alone."

- Ms. M

"I get out more often and I feel good about myself when I get out. Now I go with the flow. I can bowl and fish and go to basketball games and just get out period. I have a lot more confidence now. I'm not alone with this. A lot of people don't know what a RT does and don't understand disabled people. My RT does."

- Mr. S, HCRT client with quadriplegia

"Before I started RT I used to sleep constantly, never talk with friends on the phone anymore and never go out. After I worked with my RT I started going to weddings with friends again, going out to eat, calling just to chat and even shopping again. I started using the pool again too. Now I'm feeling more and more like a person and less like a brain injured person."

- Mrs. W, RT client with a brain injury

"HCRT has given many of my clients with traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries a means of recovery that helps with physical functioning and social skills. And recreational therapy gives my clients a chance to build self confidence and live a healthy lifestyle. HCRT makes sure that treatment is individualized for each client and seeks to ensure client input. Recreational therapy helps people get back into community activities with accommodations for their disability. I have enjoyed working collaboratively with HCRT."

 -Linda Krumm, RN, CCM, CRRN

"Thank you for working with me, you have really helped me more than you know. You haven't just helped me with my physical pain, but also getting past my depression."

- From Mr. K, client with traumatic brain injury and a spinal injury, spoken to his RT.


"I bet you didn't think I could do this!" 

- J.C



"Recreational Therapy helps my son with new opportunities. This is the kind of stuff I want for him. Thank you for such a great day and a once in a lifetime opportunity."

- Drew's Mom